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Lighting Designers for Art Objects from Korea @ Korean Cultural Centre

The Korean Cultural Centre approached our lighting designers to provide lighting for their new and upcoming exciting exhibition “Make Your Movements".  

This selection of contemporary objects from Korea is sponsored by the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sport & Tourism.

This was really a last minute project and our lighting designers were quick to respond. It was agreed with the curator to carry out an overview of the current lighting equipment to see what was achievable in the short time available.

The exhibition at the Korean Cultural Centre was divided into 6 separate galleries and spaces. Three of these spaces were street facing so it was important these areas should have lighting wow factor in order to entice visitors to come into the free exhibition.

A good relationship was instantly forged between Simon Morris (exhibition lighting designer), the exhibition curator Kyungrin Park, her assistant and representative from the Korean Cultural Foundation. Together they acted on Simon’s exhibition design experience and suggestions to change the exhibition layout to make the displays striking and visually stimulating. This also had the added advantage of improving the existing lighting so that objects could be lit with reduced casting of shadows.

Working with the Korean Cultural Centres installation team and art handler from Korea we swapped out all lamps in the light fittings to LED’s (4000K cool white) to achieve a uniform colour render.
The Korean Cultural Centres original track installation had been installed by electrical contractors with no understanding of light or how to correctly position the lighting track. So the lighting was always going to be a compromise but the whole team worked incredibly hard and focused to deliver a fascinating exhibition.

"Thank you so much for your hard work! But now the exhibition looks super with your wonderful lighting!" Curator - Korean Cultural Centre

Following this exhibition the Korean Cultural Centre will be investing in improvements to the lighting with expertise provided by SMA design lighting designers..

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