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Lighting Designers for Cultural Projects "Rehearsals Exhibition"

The Korean Cultural Centre in London  “Rehearsals" from the Korean Avant-Garde Performance Archive Exhibition forms part of the 2017-2018 Korea/UK season. This cultural project exhibition explores the development of South Korea’s performance art scene during the late 60s and 70s. The art on display was created in an atmosphere of rebellion against an inflexible political regime.

This was the 6th exhibition that SMA design has assisted the Korean Cultural Centre on the exhibition design layout, installation and lighting of the exhibitions.

Unusually this exhibition had live performances by Kun-yong Lee’s, one of which is his re-enactment of his 1979 Snail’s Gallop performance.

Therefore the positioning of the art and lighting had to work with the artist as well as lighting the art to its optimum, for visitors to appreciate the art on display.

Over 100 LED light fittings were used throughout the art galleries which were fitted with various lighting filters to highlight this amazing art exhibition. It is certainly the best implemented cultural exhibition project to date at the Korean Cultural Centre.

The different time periods of this cultural project were lit using different colour temperature of light, for example the older 1960’s art used 4000k (Kelvin) whilst the later works had 5000K a more cool whiter light. This change in light temperature also aided the delineation of the works.

All of the improvements to the galleries lighting, filters and controls were used to their full to maximise the striking imagery on display.

Kim Ku Lim & Kun-yong Lee are both famous South Korean artists and they independently remarked how beautifully the lighting and exhibition design layout had been executed.

It is always good to receive such high praise from distinguished artists, because an artist understands light and the effect it has on their medium better than anyone.

SMA design are delighted to have already been asked by Korean Cultural Centre to work on their next exhibition in September, at which time we hope to tweak the light still further.

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