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Museum Design

SMA design are Europe's leading museum design consultancy specialising in museum design, exhibitions and visitor centres.

Our award winning team of museum designers blend interpretation, fresh ideas and cutting-edge technology to create environments that connect with people in an inspiring and exciting way.

We are renowned for our innovative museum exhibition designs which continually push the envelope to deliver effective memorable solutions which:

communicate, influence, relate, engage, provoke, inspire, excite, relax and educate.

Our designs permit museums, galleries & art foundations to communicate with their audience and provide a creative, safe and meaningful context. Through connecting multiple layers of information and emotion to the visitor, museum exhibition objects come to life and stories can be studied and enjoyed.

SMA design undertake each element of a museum design project, from the initial design concept stage, supervision of manufacture, through to the final flourish of completion ensuring exceptional quality and best value solutions.

Museum Design Services

    Feasibility & Concept Development
    Graphic Design / Branding / Corporate
    Object Mounting & Installation
    Lighting Design
    Art Packaging & Transport
    Museum Exhibit Design
    Showcases Design & Dressing
    Temporary & Travelling Exhibitions
    Exhibition Project Logistics
    HLF Museum Design Workshops

With core communication and individual interpretation we turn sparks of ideas into successful memorable museum design projects, which has enabled us to maintain our 100% HLF (Heritage Lottery Funding) application record.

Our museum design studios also provide pioneering new eco friendly technologies (energy saving measures) that meet the needs of tomorrow into every design.

Excellence in design, client satisfaction and audience engagement is assured.


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SMA design provide traditional museum & gallery designs in line with client’s individual requirements and visitor audiences. A very beautiful example of how objects should be viewed within a museum showcase. The invisible sense of this showcase allows a full and exciting visitor experience.
In this striking exhibition in Cyprus, a sensory mixture of colour and objects are used to great effect. A cohesive interaction between AV and innovative technologies brings a stimulating audience interaction to the overall exhibition design.
SMA design team work with the Plymouth City Museum & Art Gallery staff for the redesign of the entire ground floor including cafe. This project was successful awarded Heritage Lottery Funding. SMA design has designed numerous temporary and traveling exhibitions for both the Museum of London & Museum of London Docklands.
Eric Knowles (Antique Roadshow ceramics expert) opens the Harris Museums Ring Balcony - a design competition to overcome challenges of existing displays & Victorian building conservation problems.Simple aesthetically designed solution at the British Museum's Korean Gallery in London.
When designing for a museum or exhibition it is important to strike the right blend of content and interactivity.National Museums of Kenya (Leakey’s Skull 1470 form part of this unique collection) - SMA design worked as museum & lighting consultants to Triad Architects of Kenya on this European funded project.
The First Lady of Azerbaijan is the client on this museum project which forms part of the Presidential Complex and will be only for visiting dignitaries once completed. SMA’s design approach continues to deliver a 100% Heritage Lottery Funding for museum application success.
Europe’s leading museum exhibition design consultancy specialising in museum design, exhibitions and visitor centres.
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