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ECO friendly designs

Whether designing the interior of a hotel, museum, exhibition or corporate identity it is no longer enough for designers to produce wonderful designs to capture our attention; they have a responsibility to ensure their designs are both eco friendly and environmentally compliant.

Some design consultancies are only just waking up to the idea of repositioning themselves to embrace and deliver these green initiatives.

SMA design's own eco evolution started over 10 years ago, which leaves our consultancy uniquely positioned to support the client.

Our designers have researched and adopted the most advantageous new eco technologies and principles from around the world into our various designs.
At the same time SMA design has developed our own pioneering eco innovations some of which we have listed below:

Exhibition showcases that use no mains power from the buildings supply to light the internal art objects and can be positioned anywhere without the need for clumsy or inconvenient electrical connection points.

Museum & retail design where the visitor flow provides a sustainable energy source which reduces the buildings carbon footprint and running cost.

Exhibition stands designed to use environmentally friendly, responsibly sourced and recycled materials with low toxins. Designs that permit the simple adjustment of the stands construction for reuse rather than being destroyed after each event.

Installation contractors located close to project sites saving dramatically on transport of both materials and people, all of which contribute to a reduced carbon footprint.

Interior designs that use many of the principles above but also ensure products are from responsibly & fairly sourced suppliers.

Eco lighting design solutions that lower power consumption reduce heat gain and UV from light sources, with the added advantage of only having to re-lamp every 10 to 15 years.

From the very beginning our design team listens to the clients’ objectives and puts forward designs which balance energy saving measures, efficiency, sustainable & renewable technologies with other more conventional methods of delivery.

By adopting simple cost effective eco friendly design SMA design are helping to reduce toxins, carbon foot print and energy consumption for many companies, museums, exhibitions and private clients. This method allows us to create beautiful, efficient, healthy spaces to play and work in.

This simple approach provides a “best value” green solution that delivers on client expectation, reduces carbon foot print, saves valuable energy and is therefore kinder to the environment.


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Designs that are eco-friendly and use responsibly sourced and recycled materials. energy saving eco friendly design
Wind exhibition explaining the benefits and reasoning behind the various forms of this sustainable energy source. The use of photovoltaic solar panels helps to power the buildings lighting and exhibits lowering energy consumption.
Due to our green ethics SMA design were approached by Alternative Fuels (RDF, Refuse Derived Fuel Company) to deliver a high quality and creative corporate branding solution. energy saving eco friendly design
energy saving eco friendly design Unique LED installation utilising mirror technology to focus all available light, reducing the amount of LEDs required thus reducing heat gain and overall energy consumption.
Showcase & engineering development companies talk through SMA design’s revolutionary showcases design that need no mains power or external connections to light internal art objects or conservation saving eco friendly exhibtion design
Exhibition showcase which utilises dimmable LED lighting allowing low lux light levels to be adjusted to suit specific object requirements. Urban Qube (eco pod) is a super efficient and fast track eco structure which can be used for many applications from, temporary exhibition space to marketing suite.
Europe’s leading Eco Friendly design consultancy specialising in museum design, exhibitions and all other forms of design. With a 100% HLF funding record SMA design approach each project with creativity and freshness ensuring each element from funding application support, master planning, feasibility, concept design, graphic design, object mounts, lighting design and energy saving measures  through to completion is explored, delivering on time and to budget.
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