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This is the fourth exhibition at the Korean Cultural Centre in London that SMA design has assisted with exhibition design layout, light installation and focusing of light fittings.

This Open Call exhibition program at the Korean Cultural Centre provides emerging artists from Korean origins a chance to showcase their works in the competitive London art scene.

Yeji Kim the winner of the KCC UK 2017 Open Call presents her first ever solo show in the London, UK.
Her work is unbelievably varied with many styles and on many different medias, as she explores a sense of the virtual world, motivated by the flatness of images found on social media.

Fortunately the many lighting design upgrades which we had implemented at Korean Cultural Centre since our first exhibition some 9 months earlier, were now all in place. These art exhibition lighting upgrades consisted of:

  • Large increase in the amount of lighting track in the galleries
  • Track mounted in a modular grid formation for high quality lighting of paintings & sculpture
  • Correct position of track ratio between ceiling height and walls
  • Lighting controls, dimmers
  • Increased light fittings from 40 to 120
  • Retro fitting of halogen lamps to LED’s
  • Consistence of  lamp colour temperature throughout galleries
  • Fitting of anti-glare snoots – better comfort for visitors eyes when viewing art
  • Where necessary fitting of honeycomb louvers – better comfort for visitors eyes
  • Filters to change angle of lamp and colour temperature where required

As you can see from the images there were a large amount of items on display, so this was the ultimate test for the new lighting improvements.

So many of those people visiting this art exhibition remarked on the quality of the lighting in the galleries. These included the general public, journalists, art critics, open call jury members, exhibition curators and especially the artist herself Yeji Kim.   

"Thank you so much for all your hard work; you really are a magician when it comes to lighting our art & craft exhibitions!" Korean Cultural Centre

It’s also important to mention that these improvements were only made possible due to the trust & investment made by the Director & Exhibition Curator at the Korean Cultural Centre UK.

In addition to this of course the good relationship between Simon Morris (exhibition & lighting designer) Yeji Kim and her many artist friends from Goldsmith University of London who worked tirelessly to make this exhibition such a success.

Following this art exhibition the Korean Cultural Centre will be investing in still more improvements but these will be small and specific to each exhibitions exacting requirements.

SMA design are delighted that we continue to provide the KCC UK to achieve extremely high quality art exhibition lighting on the smallest of budgets.

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This created the highest quality art exhibition lighting so far at the Korean Cultural Centre halogen replacement retro fitting LED’s (95CRI) costing just £25 these light fittings outperform and are more flexibile than a £250 light fitting, so why buy new?
Window gallery daylighting of the contemporary art on display. Gallery light fittings were positioned and filters fitted to change lamp angles to achieve optimum lighting whilst minimising shadows. Back lighting was used to fill backgrounds dark areas. art exhibition lighting designerslighting design for paintings
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