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How to find a museum design company for your next museum exhibit design project can be difficult but we are here to assist?

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Simon Morris Associates are one of the top international museum design companies which have established an enviable reputation for high quality design in the museum world.

Not all museum design companies can offer the same range of museum services as our team of experienced professionals.

When discussing your museum or exhibition project we bring to the table not only a vast amount of experience and knowhow but also the ability to respond to questions regarding museum lighting design, graphic design, branding, object mounting and so much more.

Our work designing for large property developments provides us a unique ability to bring over design techniques and technologies used for marketing purposes into local and national museums.

Museum Design Company Services

Feasibility Studies
Concept Development
Museum Exhibit Design
Touring Exhibitions
Exhibition Logistics
HLF Museum Design Workshops
Museum Branding
Graphic Design
Showcase Design
Lighting Design / Focusing
Object Mounting
Art Installation
Art Packaging & Transport

SMA design had been utilising museum design techniques for the last 5 years which are only finding their way into museums now.

This doesn’t mean high tech equals high cost solutions; in fact we are an advocate of low & high tech. It’s the ability of knowing how people interact with 2D & 3D information and visitor flows that allow us to design exhibitions that leave the visitors less tired so able to more efficiently absorb information.

By displaying or imparting information in a less exhausting and enjoyable delivery method, visitors are able to retain more of what they have experienced and not surprisingly increase the likelihood of a repeat visit.

Even our approach to working with museums, foundations or private collectors is very different from the norm. So if we have wetted your appetite to see the SMA design difference then please contact one of our museum design team who will at the very least give you some good advice.


the difference is in the detail

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SMA design provide traditional museum & art gallery designs. A very beautiful example of how objects should be viewed within a museum showcase. The invisible sense of this showcase allows a full and exciting visitor experience.
In this striking exhibition in Cyprus, a sensory mixture of colour and objects are used to great effect. A cohesive interaction between AV and innovative technologies brings a stimulating audience interaction to the overall exhibition design.
Plymouth City Museum & Art Gallery successful awarded Heritage Lottery Funding. touring and traveling exhibitions for the Museum of London & Museum of London Docklands.
Harris Museums Ring Balcony - a design competition.Simple aesthetically designed solution at the British Museum's Korean Gallery in London.
When designing for a museum it is important to strike the right blend of content and interactivity.Museum design entrance
This museum exhibition design concept was produced to help the client understand our choice of colours for the galleries within this city museum. Our Museum design company approach continues to deliver a 100% Heritage Lottery Funding.
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