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Lighting Design Consultants

Simon Morris Associates are leading lighting design consultants with clients across the globe.

We provide new build & retrofit lighting design solutions for architectural projects, historic buildings, museums, exhibitions, art galleries, hotels, residential, retail and yachts which combine aesthetic, performance & energy saving measures.

Light is an insubstantial medium but it has an enormous influence on both the perception of physical spaces and upon the emotional response of those who enter, work, play or shop in these environments.

Good lighting design can create drama, define, accentuate and enrich our lives. It requires a skilled balance of many key components that seamlessly need to transform concepts into detailed technical specifications.

Our lighting designers help architects, developers, artists look at light in a total different way to provide unique, inspiring and emotional lighting solutions.

Lighting Design Services

Retail Lighting Design
Hotel Lighting
Museum Lighting Design
Gallery Lighting
Exhibition Lighting
Display Showcase Lighting
Initial Lighting Design Consultation
Detailed Lighting Specification
Architectural Lighting
LED & Fibre Optic Lighting
Energy Saving Solutions
Residential Lighting
Office Lighting

With a strong sense of aesthetics, our designers achieve lighting design solutions that use some of the latest technologies like LED's and Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI). These lighting designs are eco friendly, flexible, address conservation, maintenance and are energy efficient, whilst sensitive with the architecture, art, leisure or retail etc.

From concept to fully documented lighting design, SMA design offer a comprehensive service that focuses on achieving the finest possible lighting design solution with “best value” for your organisation.

You can rest assure, whatever the size or budget, SMA design will provide excellence in design for the most demanding lighting schemes.


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LED lighting /Fibre-optic lighting solution screened from visitor eyes. This enables light to be targeted both under and above the shelf without heat or UV light entering the environment. Here we see the realisation of Simon Morris's lighting design.
Land Securities brought Simon on to this project to assist Hurley Robertson Architects on both internal and external lighting. SMA design designed both exterior & interior lighting design solutions for Hammerson on this 28 storey City of London development.
Requiring something special for this landmark building Land Securities asked Simon to design the reception desk & internal lighting.  SMA design worked as museum lighting consultants to Triad Architects of Kenya on this European funded project.
Funky lighting design with colour changing fabric structure.3D Reid Architects approached SMA design to work with them to provide expertise and knowledge in both museum & lighting design.
Following the opening of a new exhibition (by others) the National Army Museum employed SMA design to advise how to resolve the disappointing exhibition park lighting design
Architectural lighting design solutions for this prestigious London development. Exhibition showcase which utilises dimmable LED lighting allowing low lux light levels to be adjusted to suit specific object requirements.
Europe’s leading lighting design consultancy specialising in museum design, exhibitions and visitor centres.
SMA design Studios - London - UK
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