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Ancient Art Exhibition & Gallery Design | London

Since August 2015 design works have been forging ahead for the redesign of two floors of the London ancient art gallery.

The London gallery one of three international galleries (others in Abu Dhabi & Beverly Hills) boasts one of the finest ancient art collections in private hands.

As the art market repositions itself as the internet changes the demographic of how art is viewed and purchased.

Established galleries have to change their approach if they are to retain their standing and continued sales by offer something that internet only art dealer’s cant.

The opportunity to touch, feel, look in detail and let their senses explore the form, something that can’t be done on a screen or by images alone.

Collectors want to be wowed and see objects in their entire splendor, that’s why our exhibition and lighting designers were chosen to apply all our design knowhow.

Our task is to increase visitor foot fall through the gallery, provide eye catching gallery window displays and in turn increase gallery exposure to potential new collectors & clientele.

Watch this space as we give teaser images of how works in the galleries are progressing. 


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