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British Corporate Design for Exponatec Museum Expo

British Corporate design for German Engineering Group.


Frank the German based exhibition showcase experts decided to increase their range into the glass market. They appointed our corporate designers and marketing team to deliver a new brand into the market, utilising leverage of the existing Frank brand.

This was the 3rd time the Frank group had used our corporate branding team to place products into already competitive markets.

The product name had to instantly inform potential buyers and specifies that the product was the unsurpassed exhibition museum showcase on the market for temporary and permanent installations.

These glass exhibition showcases were designed to remove all of the inherent problems associated with other glass showcase manufacture’s products.

After market analysis and testing the name Absolute was chosen, as this term was understood across many international languages where the product would be sold & marketed.

Absolute was launched at Exponatec Museum Fair in Cologne, where it instantly hit a chord with the museum visitors from across Europe and the globe.

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