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Exhibition Lighting Design -
Flat, Flat Shiny Cat Contemporary Art Exhibition

Our exhibition lighting design team have been back for our third exhibition at the Korean Cultural Centre UK.

2016 KCCUK Open Call II: The Flat, Flat, Shiny Cat exhibition brings together Hyemin Son & John Reardon for a contemporary art exhibition, exploring the various concepts of rhythm and slowness.

This exhibition had a vast diversity of art installations which created many challenges. For example: the art installation named “Ruins” was made of 6 huge rectangular boxes (cuboids) replicating the existing boxed in water tank found in the corner of the gallery.

Due to the size & weight of the boxes and a ceiling height of only 3.2 meters meant adjusting light fittings to light the art installation would be almost impossible once completely installed. Therefore a fast solution had to be found. This consisted of using a selection of light fittings in various locations as each element of the art installation went into place. Therefore at the outset there had to be a clear understanding between artists and the lighting designer on how the art installation should be lit. The lighting design chosen was dramatic, adding drama of shadow and bright elements to this powerful art installation to the delight of both artists. This was all the more important as the art was in a street facing gallery, viewed by exhibition visitors and passers-by as they walked to Trafalgar Square.  

With the new upgraded light fittings, lamps and filters it was possible to use these and various temperatures of white lamps 4000K & 5000K to optimise the various arts on display. This was particularly important on the main entrance wall where the art installation and signage were as one. LED ribbons were painstakingly installed in varying lengths at the back of the lettering to create a pink glow from behind the title of the exhibition. The white wall behind the title was then washed with 5000K LED light fittings combined with wall washer filters to create a more even spread of light.

In another section of gallery and as part of the art installation, a visual artist performed her choreographed routine to incorporate a hula hoop, representational of that used in the exhibition. A raised wooden stage was built with a backdrop of white satin cloth for her to perform on. The artists wanted the back drop to look ice cold and sparkle. So once again we used vivid cool white lamps directed to the cloth whilst others fittings bounced light off of the stage to achieve a consistent wall wash at the bottom. This approach also gave a little theatrical lighting to emphasise the performer who was watched excitedly from visitors on the street.

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